Welcome fellow Artist!

Thank you for considering joining the Peach Blossom Artists showplace site. Here you can have a page of your own to showcase your creations. Just look at some of the pages of our participating artists to get an idea of what we do and how it could work for you.

There are two parts to our site. The “public front” where visitors get a quick overview of the art created by our member artists and can learn of news and events in our area. Our area is the Northeast Atlanta region – Peachtree Corners, Norcross, Johns Creek, Duluth, Berkeley Lake and surrounding communities. Each artist’s own page is part of the “public front”, indeed that is the most important of our showplace.

The other part of our site, you are in it now, is for the artists to provide some mutual assistance, to share information, to learn about exhibitions and events, to find galleries and boutiques that might be fitting places for offering your art for sale.

Additional information can be found on the pages listed in the sidebar on the right.

For just a short message or inquiry you may use the shorter form on the Contact page.

Below on this page there is a form for providing your information so your page can be constructed. This form also constitutes your sign up for membership in Peach Blossom Artists. It is alright to leave some sections blank, you can change or add to your page later on.

Below the form there are instructions for submitting image material to the site.


  • Your “nom d’arte” will become your page address, any spaces will be removed or replaced by hyphens. It the term is too long (over about 15 characters) it will be abbreviated.
  • Your phone number will not be shown on your page. It is requested so we can contact you in case emails get lost.

Sign up and build your page

Images for your page

Your page can, and should, have a variety of images to show visitors your art, to inform them about yourself and to make the page pleasant and easy to use.

A portrait of yourself, maybe a photo showing you in your studio or working on your art, will help visitors to form a more personal image of you and your art.

You can have up to a couple dozen images showing art pieces. If you have only a few they will be shown individually, if you have more than about four the images will be arranged in a mosaic with each picture linking to a larger view.

You may also have images that link to other sites, maybe your own or galleries where your work is shown or is for sale. NOTE: Images that are logos or trade identification of others require the permission of the IP owners for use here.

Your images for this site should be no larger than 1200 px (max dimension) for use here, JPG format is preferred. Your image file names should consist of your name (nom d’arte or real name) followed by any short id characters of your choosing, ie, jdoe-N02. If the image contains a title that text will be shown under the image.

Prepare an email message, include your name and any instructions on how your images should be used or appear on your page. Attach your images to the email. Send the message addressed to webmaster@peachblossomartists.net