Hornbeam Creations

Handpainted furniture and decor to suit the modern aesthetic

Hornbeam Creations mission is to reLove, reDesign, rePurpose and reFinish primarily vintage and antique furniture and accessories to suit the modern aesthetic. This is accomplished first by restoring the integrity of items by making necessary repairs or repurposing its functionality. Then, using high quality paint, stain, textiles and embellishments the piece is brought back to life to provide years of enjoyment for the next owner.

Sharon Reyes

For my living I’ve spent a lifetime doing corporate accounting. For my heart, there was always a project going on at my home. Whether it was repurposing an old chandelier, designing a wrought iron fence or mixing the PERFECT paint color for a bedroom (because sometimes that perfect color just can’t be found, haha), I was always getting my hands dirty. Last year I decided, if not now then when, to begin devoting more time doing those projects and putting it out to the universe for others to enjoy as much as I do!

My creation can be found at:
Church Ladies Consignment