Forestique specializes in creating beautiful wooden jewelry, apparel and other items that makes a bold fashion statement and forges a deep connection with the natural world.

Forestique Process
Forestique Process

Each one of our pieces is hand-crafted from un-dyed wood veneers, finished with all-natural plant-based oils, and cured in the sun — an eco-friendly product in every process and dimension.


The Artist

Henry Wischusen

I grew up on the rocky coast of New England surrounded by a great wood working tradition. In my youth, I made all kinds of objects in wood, from tiny sculptures to boats. Upon leaving the corporate world after 35 years of service, I returned to my passion of crafting things from wood but with a new sustainable perspective. Working with delicate wood veneers, I am able to present all the beauty of the wood while maintaining my reverence to the forest.

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