Get inspired!

Spring Landscape, Thomas Doughty, ca. 1853–56

There is nothing better to stimulate the creative juices than the works of other artists. To inspire our friends, and ourselves, Peach Blossom Artists has an exhibit of acclaimed art from around the world, “Ode to Spring“.

The exhibit will be up through May 2023, so there is plenty time to add to the show. Do you have an image of your work on this topic? Share it. See the instruction in our Member Lounge.

Our website has been undergoing “spring cleaning” and that chore is far from finished. Much new technology has been added. Unfortunately, that makes it necessary for all members to register on the site.

The registration page intentionally looks a bit intimidating. That is to keep the hackers, spammers, and trolls at bay. There are just a few fields, you also get to set up a password to allow you access to otherwise hidden pages. You do not need to make a payment, just click Free Membership, and the pay button disappears.

Now back to art. Here is a painting, newly added to the exhibit, by Thomas Doughty. See the details on the exhibit page.

Spring Landscape, Thomas Doughty, ca. 1853–56