Our Tangled Web

The internet was aptly named “web” for is many connections, not to mentions the tangles. Our own part of that is very, very modest, but it may seem just as tangled.
We have a website, a news blog, a Twitter account, a Facebook page and a Facebook group. They are all interconnected and interlinked. We also have a mailing list to stay in touch with members and friends.
Messages to the mailing list can be sent a number of ways, one is automatically when a post to our website is published. If you are reading this in an email, it came to you by way of that little magic.

For Peach Blossom Aritsts all this is not only to stay connected, but also to demonstrate how you can use social media and the internet to tell your friends and the world about your latest creation.

Here is a simplified version of our “web”.

See all the ways that you can be notified. Let’s walk through how this article got to you and to others in our network. It was posted on our website, Peach Blossom Artists. We are using WordPress as the “engine” to accomplish that. That “engine” not only places the published post on our website, it also sends out emails to “subscribers”, to our mailing list, and to social media sites. In our case we have connected just two social media sites, Twitter, twitter.com/PBArtists, and our Facebook page, facebook.com/PeachBlossomArtists. If you follow PBA on Twitter you will see a tweet about the post. If you “follow” our Facebook page you may also come across a notice about this as you check your Facebook timeline. If you “subscribe” to our website you will have received an email.
From our Facebook page the notice is also posted to our Facebook group, facebook.com/groups/PeachBlossomArtists, and that may also show up for you.

If you have a WordPress account and “follow” our website you will come across the post in the WordPress Reader.

All this from just publishing a post. Indeed the tools of the internet are powerful and can spread the word far and wide. Those tools are available to you as well. An easy way is to post in our Facebook group. When you do that, others who are group members will get notified in their timelines. Another way is to submit a picture and an article to our “news editor”. That may then get published as a post on our website or in our “News Blog” and get distributed from there.

Of course, the best way is to “toot your own horn”, by setting up a similar net of your own. That can be done at no cost and doesn’t take much time. Once set up, it is only a matter of just a few minutes to share your latest accomplishment. More on that in future articles.

And, just in case you are no longer interested in receiving our communications, you can get removed from our mailing list by sending an email to info@peachblossomartists.net with the message “remove me”. There are also ways in social media to “unfollow” our sites.

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