How To – Shape Your Page

Make Your Page Your Own

Your page as initially set up is just a “prototype”. Here we have a wide range of options to make your page very much your own. Although on this site we use a common theme to maintain some family resemblance of the pages, your page should fit your style, your personality, your ideas as much as possible. That is what art is all about, the uniqueness of each artist and we want to provide for that as much as we can.


Take a look at this page. Notice the custom banner. You can have your own banner on your page.

Prepare an image, it can be a photo or some digital art. The size of the banner is important. It must be exactly 940 pixels wide. The height may be anywhere from 100 pixels to 300 pixels. Save the image in JPG format. The file must be named as follows: yourpagename-banner.jpg. In the file properties set the Title to whatever you wish to show as a caption below the image.

Send an email to the webmaster (see below) with the file attached (NOT inserted into the message, the file must be ATTACHED!). In your message text indicate that this is your page banner.

Top Part

  • The first words at the top should be your slogan or a short description of your work. Not more than about 25 words. This text will be shown on our Artists page under your banner (if you are using one).
  • This may be followed by a longer description of your work. A short paragraph.
  • Your name should be prominent on the page somewhere.
  • You may wish to include a short bio giving some personal information about yourself. Just information that you wish to share with prospective buyers to give them an idea of who they are dealing with. Do not reveal information that can be misused.
  • A portrait of yourself or some other image that shown who the visitor is dealing with.

Make these parts as short or as extensive as you like. You may intersperse this part with images (see below).

To revise or add to the text on your page send an email message to the webmaster (see below) with the changes that you wish to be made.


Images can be shown on your page in a wide variety of ways.

Your images should be about 500 pixels to 1200 pixels wide. The will be scaled on the page to fit your specifications. Images must be in JPG format and must be named like this: yourpagename-XXXXX.jpg – The first part of the file name must be your page name (no spaces), the XXXXX part may be anything you like, up to 10 character, no spaces. In the file properties set the Title to whatever you wish to show as a caption below the image.

Prepare your images carefully and make sure the above requirements are met. This makes it easier on the webmaster and helps in the online media library. (We use WordPress and the Media Libraries are one huge “shoebox” – help us find things with proper file names.)

Individual images

PBA-logo-Y1-200Individual images can be as wide as our content column or as small as a 150×150 px thumbnail. Images can be set with text to the right, to the left, or by themselves.





Image Galleries

Images may be arranged in “galleries”. Examples are shown below.

Mosaic Tiles – This is probably the nicest way to show a group of images. The WordPress engine defines the size, however the order may be specified. The order can be “random” – it will be different every time the page is displayed. You can specify which of your images are to be shown this way.

Thumbnail Grid – A thumbnail grid gallery has 3 columns on  our pages.

Square Tiles – This is similar to the mosaic tiles, however, the images are clipped to a square format – not always a good idea.

Circle Tiles – The images are cropped to circles.

Tiled Columns – Possibly the most compact form of the available galleries. Good when a large number of images is to be included.

Slideshow – The slide show window is the width of the contents column. The images are shown in their proper aspect ratio. Vertical images do not work well in slide shows.

Decide which type of gallery you wish to show on your page. As you can see here, multiple galleries are allowed.

Make a list of the file names of the images to be included.

Send an email to the webmaster indicating the type of gallery, the list of images, where the gallery is to be place (“after the bio”). If you have not previously supplied the images attach them to the email.

Send your email messages to the webmaster. Currently that is