Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this cost?

There is no cost to participating artists. The monetary cost of this website is very modest (less than $40 per year) and is currently paid by the founder of the site, Ludwig Keck. Participating artists are requested to help with a number of little chores to make this site successful. That includes writing promotional copy, finding and sharing event information, talking to proprietors of galleries, shop, exhibits, restaurants, etc. to find locations where our artists can participate.

Will my art be sold on these pages?

No. We do not expect to provide “shopping cart” features here. On your page you may, indeed should, provide links to galleries and shops where your art may be seen and purchased. You may provide links online art shops where you participate.

How will my art be shown on my page?

This site uses WordPress as the basic “engine”. There are a number of ways to show images on your page. Images may be shown individually. Those images may link to any site of your choice (or none). Images can be shown in arrays, mosaics, slideshows, and more. Once we get fully underway we will have a sample page so you can pick the way that works best for you.

Can I manipulate the layout of my page myself?

The structure of the site allows for multiple managers, however, the use of that feature will probably not be used very soon. It takes a fair amount of experience to be a webmaster. Then there is the “multiple cooks” problem of people getting in each others way. If you feel that you have the experience and wish to help, by all means talk to Ludwig (you can always get in touch with others on their page).

Can I participate although I don’t reside in the communities shown?

If you live nearby and the NE Atlanta area is your “stomping ground”, the answer is yes. If you are an artist who cannot physically participate in events, show, and the like, in our area then it would that you find an association in your own area.

What is the organizational structure of “Peach Blossom Artists”?

At the outset, there is none. This is a very loose association of artists who, by working together, use this means to reach out and get exposure and a place to refer prospective customers to. Should this group meet with some measure of success we may in time form a non-profit organization for the continued management of this site and our activities.

Why should I participate, I have my own site?

Unlike a mall or a shopping street, on the Internet the individual sites are not visible my “strolling through”. You need to be “connected”. Don’t depend on being found through Google or Bing searches. Very few art buyers search for art online. They look in known places, but even there, because of the sheer number of artists, getting found is hard.

Prospective buyers may become aware of you in an exhibition, a gallery, maybe a restaurant where your work is displayed. They may come across a reference on Facebook or even in a news feature. So you want to have as much “web presence” as possible.

Few people will stumble on our site. We need to constantly seek exposure, and as much of it as possible.  When you tell someone that you are an artists they may say, “oh, really, where can I see some of your work?” This is when you hand them your business card with your site address. Maybe you will have this site included on your card. Maybe your prospect will find something exciting by another artist here. Maybe some other artist’s referral lands on your page.

Selling art is not easy. Ask any gallery proprietor. That’s why this site, or even one of your own, is not the magic for becoming rich and famous. But being present in many places helps. This site is just another arrow in your quiver.