Photography and Café Art

Ludwig Keck

Ludwig Keck
Ludwig Keck

Drawing, painting, and photography have been my livelong passions. My “Café Art” is lighthearted, cheerful and pleasant. That is how I see the world in my photography and my digital art. 

Now retired from an engineering career that found me at the junctures of photography, electronics, and computing I enjoy imaging the pleasant bits of the world around me. My spare time I devote to helping others in photography and computer skills. 

The prints of photographs and digital art that I offer for sale represent some of my most popular items. Some of those images are shown in the slideshow here. Click on an image to go to my sales page for that item.

Art Prints

In addition to prints, and in keeping with my lighthearted approach, some images are also available as greeting cards, tote bags, t-shirts and more.


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