Getting the word out – 2

Getting the word out – 2 – to the public

There are a number of ways to get out the word about our events and about our artisans and artists. We have our first 2017 event coming up very shortly, so the time is now to start publicizing it.


This group was “born” a year ago on the Nextdoor network of chatting and sharing. For our area there are over 2000 people that we can reach on Nextdoor. The trick to keeping a Nextdoor post alive and visible is to comment on it. Simple as that. When you see a posting about our Peach Blossom Artisan Market be sure to add a relevant comment. Let your neighbors know that you are participating. No reason you can’t publish a post of your ow!


When an announcement about Peach Blossom Artists shows up on Facebook share the post on your timeline. When enough of us do this we can reach many prospective buyers.


A Tweet from or about Peach Blossom Artists should be retweeted by all of us. Let’s reach out to our friends and encourage them to learn about our events!

Our website

Whenever someone thinks or asks “tell me more” the link to our website can lead them to more information. This means we have to keep our site up to date, interesting, and informative. But there is more! We offer portfolios of our artist / artisan members. People don’t just want to know about our organization, they are interested in the art and artisans. That means making a good impression with our personal pages. Go, take a look at our site. Is your page listed in the sidebar? Are all the items that you create shown in the sidebar? Is your page current, informative and impressive? This is were you can make a first impression. Make sure it is a good one! Let me help you to put your best foot forward. It takes just a simple email to webmaster to let me know of changes and additions you would like to see on your page.

Our News Blog on our website

News about events, artists, artisans, and our creations give us plenty of opportunities to connect with our communities and followers. You can participate! You can even post directly to our blog and that creates a Facebook post and a Tweet all automatically! Ask webmaster for an email address to send in your post.

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