Getting the word out – 1

Getting the word out – 1 – to our group

You are reading a post on our Member News blog. This is one the the ways we share with our Peach Blossom Artists colleagues. This blog is technically public, but it is not publicized and is in a place that takes two clicks to get to. Easy for you, but out-of-the-way for most people.  No “secrets” will be shared here, but plenty of important and useful information.

To get here you first need to click the “diamond” tab on our website.

Getting to this blog takes a click on Member News in the sidebar. This link only shows when you are “inside the Member Lounge”.

Both of our blogs can be reached from the sidebar. The News Blog is our public blog. When a post is published there it automatically generates a post on our Facebook page and a tweet from our Twitter page.

Any Peach Blossom Artists member can post to either blog by sending an email to a special email address. The email address is changed periodically. Obtain the address from the webmaster.

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