Blogging by Email

One of our neatest features is the ability of any of our members to post to our News Blog. It is as simple as sending an email. We have a special email address, it changes from time to time to keep spammers at bay. The address is distributed via our group emails (another nice feature).

This is a fine way to get messages out to the public – and you can do it yourself!

To make a post just follow these simple steps:

  1. Address an email to the special email address for our News Blog.
  2. Make the subject line the title of the post as you want it.
  3. Make the message whatever text you wish to publish in the post.
  4. Attach one or more photos.

The blog post will be automatically set up and published. The email subject line becomes the post title. The photos will be placed below the text. If you have multiple photos they will be shown as a mosaic gallery. Clicking on a photo will take the reader to a slide show of the photos.

  • The post will be published and can be viewed by clicking “News Blog” in the menu bar on our website.
  • Subscribers to our News Blog will receive an email.
  • There will be a Tweet sent out.


  • A message will be posted on our Facebook page.


Remember, any Peach Blossom Artists member can do this. This is a fine way to get publicity material out to the public.

The blog here can be set up to operate the same way for items, like this post, that are meant for just our members.

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